Our Approach

We believe that your investors are best served when you are investing, not raising capital, so we make sure any time spent on the road is planned efficiently and is as effective as possible.
Sandra Stohler at table

Elisir Capital’s principal

Sandra Stohler has a strong track record of raising capital from institutional investors and private capital sources (family offices etc.).

Having worked both in-house and as an independent placement agent, she understands how to run a process that is both effective and also places the lowest possible burden on the senior investment staff of a fund.

Bespoke and flexible

At the beginning of a mandate, we carefully assess the skills already present in your team and the amount of time you and each of your Partners is able to commit to the fundraising.

This allows us to make best use of the different skills and experience that already exist in your team, without overburdening senior staff.

Always in Partnership

Elisir Capital works hard to develop a strong partnership with each of its limited number of clients, ensuring that training and advice is given throughout the relationship. This helps management improve their performance in meetings with investors. It also allows the operations team to improve relevant skills and take on more responsibility during fundraising. Our fee models ensure we are correctly aligned in our common goal – efficient and successful fundraising now, and in the future.

Resourceful and responsive

We are able to work independently or with full supervision from our clients. We provide regular updates on investor feedback. We do not provide a «black box» service, where our activities and progress are hidden from you. Throughout the engagement, we will update you and your team proactively in a way that suits you. We will respect your existing relationships and will make sure that we are representing your fund in the very best way.